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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

My Babies!!

Ok, now I'll introduce you to my horses...
First is Imagine Golden Tin (since I've owned her longest). She's a 3 year old Palomino filly. She's Zippo Pine Bar bred. She developed wobblers when she was 10 months old. She is finally over the disease, luckily. I am now able to ride her even!! That is something I never thought would happen!
Next, is Polegro... I call him Satan! He was earned the name Polegro b/c when he was 4 months old he struck a guy in the face and broke his face. He's a Thoroughbred that used to be on the racetrack... but he had a problem, he would always cross the finish line first, but jockeyless as well!! haha.. He's 5 years old now.. 17 hands, gorgeous coal black!! He's my jumper.. I've been jumpin' him about 4 feet now!
Now then, I believe it's Birdie De Oros's turn! She is my 3 year old sorrel mare! I took her to Rapid City, SD with me for school! I have been trainin' her for Reinin' but I do believe she'll like cuttin' more! She's a gorgeous little mare, if I do say so myself!
Ok, and last but certainly not least, is Treasured Success!! I call him Alf. He's a gorgeous blood bay yearlin' I own. I bought him as a 6 month old weanlin'. He's my pride and joy and the one that will take me far and get my name out there. He's a yearlin' that's already 15.1!! I have started him under saddle a little bit, not too much for he is just a yearlin' and I don't want to push him too hard!


Hi everyone,

My name is Jenilee. A little bit about myself... I have strawberry blonde hair that's down my back, I have freckles, green eyes (for the most part), slim figured but athletic, I'm 5'4"... anything else? Not really. I'm a horse fanatic, I work at a feedlot as a cowgirl. Hmm... I have a Welsh Corgi puppy, tri colored and registered. His name is Terk. I have 4 horses all of my own. I'll introduce ya to them all later. I also have a ferret named Daisy! If ya wanna know anything else, give me a holla!